Why QEEG Brain Mapping?

QEEG Brain Mapping- See What Is Happening In Your Brain.

QEEG Brain Mapping San Francisco CA

The mind and the body are complicated. And so sometimes we face conditions that are murky and confusing.

Maybe you have a physical and/ or mental health issue that is not so straightforward. You get conflicting opinions from your health care providers, and struggle to obtain a correct diagnosis.

Going in circles like this feels frustrating and unfair.

When you’re lost in any kind of struggle, nothing is more of a relief than being able to clarify exactly what the problem is.

The brain shapes our mind and our emotions. And our brains lay the foundation for our health. And the good news is, you don’t have to give in to worry or sit passively and let the stress wear on you. You can arm yourself with information about your brain.

Remember: a good map is an invaluable guide on your healing journey.

A QEEG Brain Map Sheds Light by:

  • Giving you you objective information

  • Showing you where in your brain the problem is happening

  • Spelling out what you can do to to get better

What Is Going On In Your Brain?

Most of us wonder that about ourselves sometimes. 

Imagine, taking the information provided by a brain map and using it to train your brain to work better for you. What improvements would you make? Would your new brain be calmer and more focused? Would it handle stress better? Would it be a more motivated brain? Or perhaps you would train your brain to support lighter and more stable moods?

Or maybe your new brain would be better at managing pain.

Our brains are the foundation of our minds. And EEG rain training can improve many of our health/mental health problems.

QEEG Brain Mapping

Neuro-plasticity and Brain Training

Modern neuroscience tells us that throughout our lifespan, it’s possible for the brain to learn and grow.

High level athletes take advantage of cutting edge technology to help them hone their bodies into high performance machines. And just like those sports figures, you can use QEEG Brain Mapping to improve the way your brain works, too.  

Imagine what life would be like if you could precisely train your brain.

A QEEG Brain Map Provides Clear Guidance On Your Healing Journey.

Wouldn’t You Like Some Clarity About What Is Causing Your Problems? The mind and the body are one. And so with many of the life problems we face, it can be confusing. Some situations are complicated. Health problems can intertwine with emotional issues, making the path to recovery confusing.

You long for reassurance and guidance.

Are you looking for a research-driven method for mapping out and guiding your healing journey? If you are facing a complicated mental health concern, or brain-related health issue, your recovery can be complicated. And your path can feel overwhelming: path might be obstructed by factors outside the scope of what traditional therapy can assess and treat.

Perhaps you’ve had a difficult time getting an accurate diagnosis because a primary care physician tells you one thing, a psychiatrist gives you another, and a therapist gives you one more. So, you’re searching for a more objective way of getting answers. Or it could be that you’re frustrated because you’ve tried therapy and medication before with little effect, and now you want to find a more holistic and efficient way of healing.

QEEG brain mapping is a remarkable scientific process that gives you the ability to literally see what is going on in your brain. It gives you clarity and guidance even in the murkiest of situations, ruling out what is not the problem and defining what really is. Given that unique insight, you and I will develop a treatment plan that directly targets the source of your challenges so you can gain the clarity and power to change your life for the better.   

Not knowing what is going on in your body can feel overwhelming and frightening. But a QEEG can give you definitive answers that will help tailor the Neurotherapy process so you can begin living without limitation or suffering.

QEEG Brain Mapping – Pinpointing Patterns In Your Brain

QEEG Brain Mapping

A sophisticated clinical tool that helps identify key EEG brain patterns associated with:

  • Learning Disability

  • Seizure Disorders

  • Concussion

  • Depression

  • Mood Disorders

  • ADHD and attention problems

  • Anxiety Disorders (OCD, Panic, GAD)

  • Sleep Issues and other neurological problems

  • PTSD /Trauma

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders

What Is The Difference Between EEG and QEEG Brain Mapping?

Electroencephalography merely records and presents a visualization of brain activity. Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG), on the other hand, involves a complex analysis of the information provided by the EEG which, then, is cross-referenced with a database of tens of thousands of brainmaps. This provides us with specific neurofeedback that allows us to pinpoint the root of your challenges and treat them effectively.

Many diagnoses share the same symptoms: Anxiety can look like depression. The effects of trauma can manifest as anxiety, depression and insomnia. And physical brain trauma, as well as the side effects of medication, can present as ADHD or other mental focus issues. Unlike traditional therapy assessments, a QEEG provides objective feedback that gives you an accurate diagnosis that goes beyond symptoms, making treatment as efficient as possible by targeting the real culprit. It can even help you identify and address the very specific needs and issues related to concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and impairments from strokes.

QEEG can also clarify what (if any) medications could be useful for treatment if that is your preference. Or it can sometimes eliminate the need for medication altogether by identifying possible therapeutic interventions that will specifically address the presenting issue successfully. Its kind of like when your car starts making sounds or vibrations. You experience the symptoms and sense something is wrong, but its not until you take a look under the hood that you get a true understanding of whats going on.

Who Can Benefit From QEEG? 

Brain Mapping San Francisco

QEEG is useful for identifying EEG bio markers that could give clues to a treatment strategy and diagnosis concerning a wide range of health concerns. It can help diagnose and treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, dementia, sleep problems, and quite a bit more.

QEEG can be particularly helpful if you have a complicated scenario. For instance, if youve been through a number of therapists or medications without success. Ive worked with many trauma clients who have been through this exact situation. But I know that QEEG can help untangle the mess, rule out the improbable, and create clarity so you can put your energy to use where it makes a difference.

A recent case is a great example of how a QEEG brain map benefited treatment. Someone I worked with was curious to see what was going on in his own head. The results were surprising! For much of this man’s life, he had migraines on a regular basis. But using biofeedback from the QEEG and engaging in Neurotherapy, he was able to train his brain to minimize the severity and frequency of the migraines. Now, instead of having two or three per week, he only has two or three a year! Along the way, we were able to completely resolve the lifelong anxiety symptoms that plagued him. 

QEEG Brain Mapping sounds kind of hi-tech.

It is indeed very hi-tech, but that shouldnt be cause for alarm, hesitation, or concern. A QEEG is known as a biofeedback device, and although it may sound slightly intimidating, we use these devices all the time in our daily lives. Heart monitors, insulin sensors, high-end exercise equipment, even our Fitbits and Apple Watches are examples of simple biofeedback devices. And each one helps us understand what is happening internally so we can guard our health and improve ourselves more effectively.

How we change based on that biofeedback is referred to as conscious-based learning. We receive the information and then consciously decide what to do with that information. Neurofeedback Therapy, the therapeutic element of QEEG, trains your mind on what I like to call a nonconscious level. Rather than consciously striving toward a goal, it helps you teach your brain how to reinforce positive brain functioning through a process of conditioning and reward.

How does it work?

The first step in the QEEG process merely involves recording your brain activity and getting some biofeedback. To do that, Ill have you come in for an in-depth psychological assessment, perhaps talk a little about what brings you in, and then, set up the QEEG. The process is safe, non-invasive, completely painless, and relatively quick overall compared to traditional therapy options.

Once we have mapped your brain activity, Ill develop a report, send it off to be cross-referenced with our extensive database, and begin to develop some ideas for treatment. After I receive the information back, well use it to draw up a treatment plan that targets exactly what is going on. And because the therapy process is based on rewards and allows you to see your brain activity in real-time, many clients find it to be an intriguing—if not entertaining—experience altogether.

Using a QEEG assessment and Neurofeedback Therapy, I can help you teach your brain how to step out of the cycle of negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. By doing this, you can develop healthier ways of responding to life’s challenges.

QEEG Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Advantages

Traditional therapy certainly has its place, and I often use it in conjunction with my approach to healing. But a QEEG assessment can guide you on your path to creating profound and sustainable change. And unlike some forms of therapy, with neurofeedback training, you may not necessarily have to make any extreme lifestyle changes to achieve results.

Of course, I encourage you to do anything that supports your brain health. But, you dont have to start yoga, use deep breathing techniques, increase your exercise, or do things outside of your comfort zone. Instead, we will capitalize on your brain’s neuroplastic nature—that is, its ability to heal, grow, and rewire itself—to improve your overall well-being and how you function in the world.

However, as a therapist, I am well aware that not all problems relate to how our brains function. We are more than just our brains. Sometimes, we simply have blind spots in our lives that create challenges. And because of that, some of us could benefit from honing relationship or intimacy skills. Others may have issues with communication, stress, or a painful experience that need a different type of approach.

For this reason. I may recommend that we supplement our neurofeedback work with other therapeutic interventions at times. Some of the modalities Ive been trained in include, EMDR, Mindfulness-Based CBT, Internal Family Systems, and Somatic Psychotherapy. If you would like to know more about these treatment methods, feel free to visit my practice page.

How do I know this will work for me?

I’ve been helping clients better their lives through psychotherapy since 1994. And at the very onset of my career, I was struck by something. I realized that some clients often work very hard in therapy but don’t achieve a higher level of well-being easily or sustainably. I watched many clients prioritize their goals and strive toward self-improvement by investing their time, money, and their heartfelt commitment. They were given therapy homework, equipped with skills, or put on medication to level the playing field. But quite often, they still struggled to feel better.

Thats why I sought out this cutting-edge form of treatment. I know from both personal and professional experience that through QEEG and Neurofeedback Therapy, you can identify what is holding you back and free yourself to live with purpose, intention, and resilience.

  1. Let Me Help You Get To The Core Of Your Life’s Challenges

I understand what it’s like to feel lost, confused, and overwhelmed. That’s why I have dedicated my practice to helping clients who have complicated healing journeys and need someone who is a bit of a detective, as well as a guide. I have also spent my whole career, looking for the best, most effective ways to help people.

So, if you are interested in working together to gain clarity and get to the root of what’s really going on, I welcome you to set up your 90-minute intake session. We can get to know each other a little, you can share your goals for therapy, and we can address any questions you may have about this unique process of exploration and healing. 


Ideally, it’s best to take the initial step of signing up for the 90-minute intake session as a new client. That gives us plenty of time to see if my services are likely to help you. However, under special circumstances, I do allow for a free, 15-minute phone consultation to address one particular issue or obstacle that may be causing a prospective client to hesitate. However, I strongly urge you to explore my website, including My Practice page, for answers to any questions or concerns you may have about the logistics of therapy or how I work.

 Review Criteria For A 15-minute Phone Consultation