Palo Alto Therapy Office

Contact Information:

Michael G. Quirke, MFT

825 San Antonio

Palo Alto, CA 94303

Tel: (415) 820-3943

My Palo Alto therapy office is wheelchair accessible

Palo Alto Therapy office

Driving Directions

From Mountain View

1. Take 101 North to exit 400C for San Antonio Road.

2. Turn Left onto San Antonio Road.

3. Keep right to stay on San Antonio Rd.

4. From San Francisco

5. Take 101 South To Exit 400C San Antonio Rd.

6. Keep right to stay on San Antonio Rd.

How Can You Be Sure We Are A Good Fit?

My services are a little bit different than some other approaches. In our work, we not only find ways for you to feel better, but we also clean up the root issues.

That’s why my therapy and coaching services are best suited for individuals who are ready, willing, and eager to make positive changes in their lives. Overcoming deep-rooted issues and long-standing emotional wounds takes dedicated effort.

Ask Yourself Now, Are You:

  • Strongly committed to healing and growth?
  • Determined to level up? (It's okay if you have doubts and insecurities. That's human! And I can help.)
  • Ready to discover and be your best self...even if it scares you a bit?
  • Seeking expert guidance and also understand its worth?
  • Ready to let go of what no longer serves you...even though you might need some hand-holding?
  • Up for changes, growth, and expansion?
  • Fed up with having to settle?

That's Why I Work Exclusively With Those Who:

  • Need help creating and implementing a plan.
  • Value kind, direct feedback.
  • Want support and encouragement to aim higher.

Overcoming temporary obstacles and building skills for short-term gains is helpful and necessary. But my approach goes much further and deeper. It is about digging in, getting to the core of major issues, and resolving them...for good.

That means working together to uplevel and improve everything from:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Personal mental health concerns
  • Emotional resilience
  • Ditching bad habits and replacing them with life-enhancing ones
  • Growing first-class communication skills

I Really Want To Make Sure You Know What You Are Signing Up For.

For that reason, there are a few additional things I would like you to do before you schedule an interview:

  • There is no better way to get a good sense of if we are a fit than by scheduling a 90-minute, new client initial appointment. You can schedule that via my online scheduler here:


  • Please review my website thoroughly to gain a better understanding of my services before attempting to schedule a time to talk. I want you to be educated about my services. This will help us make the best use of the no-cost, 15-minute phone call I offer. Rather than fielding questions about what I do and how I approach the healing process, I would like to focus on gathering information about you and your situation. That will help determine if I recommend whether you should book the standard initial consultation appointment.
  • If we schedule a phone call, I request that you have only one question/concern in mind that you would like to discuss. This concern should be about something that is perhaps preventing you from seeking therapy or making you wonder if we will mesh well together.
  • In case you have any financial questions, please be sure to read the information I’ve provided on the My Practice page. Many of my clients want a high level of confidentiality, which is why I do not accept insurance. I do, however, provide superbills for my services that you can then use to seek reimbursement from your insurance provider if desired.
  • My business hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, so please make certain that you can consistently attend appointments during those hours.
  • Since my practice serves people who are raring to make changes, I meet with clients at least once per week.
  • Also, please thoroughly review my Phone Call Prep and FAQ page and decide whether you would like to participate in online video therapy, in-person sessions, or a combination of services.
  • One last thing: try to determine in advance what your personal goals for therapy are so we can hit the ground running and start making progress from day one.

Here's the most important element of the process: you are interested in being an active and engaged participant in your own healing journey.

I want you to be ready to take action to level up and make the most out of your career, relationships, and personal ambitions.

Let's Get To Work And Improve Your Life

If you’re ready to create real change and achieve a level of healing that’s deeper and more sustainable than what most traditional therapeutic and coaching approaches can provide, I want to help.

Once you’ve reviewed the information on this page and researched my site, please acknowledge that you meet the criteria above to set up your free, 15-minute consultation. This complimentary phone call involves a structured interview, so I ask that you reflect on that, thoroughly prepare for our conversation, and only schedule a time to talk if you are ready to pursue therapy but still have something holding you back.

Although I’m only legally allowed to provide online and in-person psychotherapy to residents of California, I also offer a range of coaching services for all US and international residents. However, if you are in the midst of a crisis and need immediate assistance, please call 911.

Business hours are Monday-Friday 9a.m.-5 p.m. Can you attend appointments during those hours? *

Financial information about my services is listed on my "my practice page"

Have you reviewed the information about fees which is listed on the my practice page? *

Phone Call Prep and FAQ are listed on my "Phone Call Prep and FAQ page"

Yes, I meet the criteria outlined on this page. I've read the phone call prep page and would like to request a 15-minute phone call. *
I agree to schedule a 15 minute initial consultation call so you can advise me on whether or not to book an appointment *

If you’re ready to learn more about how I may be able to help you achieve your personal and professional goals, I encourage you to skip the 15-minute consultation and set up a time for us to talk directly.

Thank You!

If you've answered "yes" to the above questions, it's likely that we would be a good fit. 

Every day, I receive a very large number of inquiries from people who wish to become patients in my practice.

Please note that due to this volume I'm unable to respond if you have clicked "no" on any item.

Kind regards, 

Michael G. Quirke L.M.F.T.