Neurofeedback TherapyNeurofeedback Therapy

It is a drug free way to help you learn how to calm your emotions, reduce pain symptoms and stabilize your attention.

What Is Neurofeedback?

For decades, different forms of biofeedback have been used as to train patients to make physiological changes. It’s been an effective treatment for stress, depression, anxiety, pain, high blood pressure, migraines as well as a host of other mind/body conditions.

With neurofeedback therapy, our goal is to help train the your nervous system to be calmer, and your brain to be more focused. Other forms of biofeedback rely on your conscious mind and will to control non body processes. For example, biofeedback is commonly used to teach patients to lower their heart rates, thereby teaching them to relax.

Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that evaluates and trains EEG brainwaves.

But Neurofeedback works differently than some other forms of biofeedback. It uses the power of non conscious learning to teach skills and stabilize physiological changes.

That means that by simply watching a video game, and getting real time feedback, your brain can learn to adjust itself. This can result in improved mood, a calmer mind and body, and an increased ability to focus.

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How Does Neurofeedback Work?

During a training session, you receive live, real- time feedback via video and audio. As you play simple video games, your brain learns to meet certain therapeutic parameters that are set by me.

An in depth, comprehensive assessment will help me to guide the training so as to help you achieve the best possible therapeutic outcome.

What we are essentially doing is retraining, or reconditioning your brain.

I like to tell my clients, “Brains have habits. Some brains learn to be scared, some brains learn to be angry, some brains learn to be depressed. We are helping your brain become more flexible and learn a new habit”.

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