anger management groupsLooking for My Anger Management Groups and Classes?


Thank you for inquiring about my anger management groups!

After 20  years of facilitating the groups, I’m currently taking a hiatus from offering anger management groups and workshops.

Seeking In- Depth and Comprehensive Treatment For Your Anger Problem?

At this time, my clinical work focuses on helping clients learn to reduce and manage their anger…and heal it’s roots.

When it comes to learning to better manage your anger, you might wonder “why is getting to the roots so important?” That’s a great question.

The reason it’s so important to get the roots of your anger, is because if you don’t do this, you are likely to spend lots of your time and energy in an effort to control your anger. You will be concerned only about the wild flames of anger, and neglect the embers that keep it smoldering.

Over the years I’ve seen it…Many people never progress past this first stage.

During the course of my career, I’ve seen many women and men stuck in this very cycle of struggling to control anger. The only reason they stay stuck is because they labor under a false belief. They think that all they need is to learn a few anger management “tips and tricks”. Sadly, this is a cycle that can repeat endlessly.

Managing your anger is an important skill. It’s what I call “the necessary first stage”. Its starts you on a path. It gets you going with accomplishing the first part of the project. But it’s not enough.

Getting to the roots of your anger is essential if you want fundamental change, growth and self transformation. And learning new relationship skills makes sure that you never fall back on old damaging emotional habits.

Throughout my extensive work in this area, I have felt honored to guide many women and men through the process of managing anger and healing it.

Are You Highly Motivated And Committed To Change?

If so, my personalized anger management counseling services can help you get to the root of your anger, and heal it for good. And if you seek more information on my services or my practice in general, I invite you to visit my anger management page and review my site thoroughly. Once you feel like we are a good fit, please schedule your 90-minute intake session below.


Sometimes, we can get hung up on something before we even start our journey to somewhere better, which is why, on a case-by-case basis, I occasionally allow for a complimentary, 15-minute phone consultation. This call is specifically intended to address one question or concern that’s preventing you from scheduling a standard intake appointment, so please be sure to review the criteria below. 

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