Emdr vs. Neurofeedback- What Therapy Is Best?


"Can you compare EMDR vs Neurofeedback? Which is better for you? " Every couple of weeks, a new client asks me this question. Many of the patients who are referred to me are fairly educated about trauma therapy treatment options. They have heard or read about the effectiveness of both EMDR and Neurofeedback. But they are not sure which might be the best treatment approach for them. Below are some of my thoughts.  I hope that they can help guide you in reflecting on this. EMDR vs. Neurofeedback- Some Contemplation Questions For You   How much do you want to, or [...]

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Complex PTSD and Dissociation: How the Mind Copes with Trauma


Complex trauma can be an incredibly heavy burden to bear. It leaves emotional scars that still feel very raw, even years after the trauma occurred. The mind’s way of coping with such intense and repeated trauma is often to detach from what happened. This is called dissociation. And although it may be the innate way the mind deals with complex PTSD, that doesn’t mean it’s a healthy coping response. While the brain has created some distance between the experience and you, the underlying trauma has not been resolved. If you're dealing with complex PTSD and subsequent dissociation, there are ways to get help [...]

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Trauma Treatment- Why You Might Need It and Not Know


"I had no idea I really needed trauma treatment. I wish I knew that 25 years ago." Angie, said this when we met for our closing trauma therapy session. But this is not the only time I've heard something like this. In fact, I've heard this many times before. Regularly, counseling clients tell me about the their history in therapy. Too often, they describe a course of therapy that fails to help them fundamentally transform and heal. Some clients don't get the results they want because they are not really ready to engage in therapy. They don't prioritize their treatment. They [...]

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7 Important Symptoms of Childhood Trauma in Adults


Symptoms of childhood trauma in adults might be holding you back.   What is Childhood Trauma? Almost no one has a perfect childhood...but some kids have it much worse than others. That's because some kids grow up in what I call  "high threat zones". They see and hear things that terrify them. They are small, they are confused and they often have no big person who can guide, protect or comfort them. These kids grow up and adapt to being around people that are mentally unstable,  emotionally reactive,unpredictable. Or the adults are checked out on drugs and alcohol.  Other kids find [...]

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Why Use EMDR for PTSD and Complex Trauma Symptoms?


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) can have a ripple effect on your life.  Navigating PTSD and complex trauma symptoms requires effort and intention. This is often true even long after the trauma has occurred. However, the effects of that trauma continue to emerge through PTSD symptoms. If you have experienced complex trauma, which is trauma that occurs repeatedly, then certainly it will have a negative impact on your life. That is... unless you receive treatment for your PTSD and complex trauma symptoms. If you suffer from PTSD due to complex trauma, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) could be helpful. Why Use EMDR [...]

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Men and Trauma Treatment: How Trauma Symptoms Manifest Differently in Men


It’s unfortunate that both men and women will experience trauma. But when it comes to men and trauma treatment, there is a bit of a difference. Whether it’s as a child or an adult, either gender could face trauma in their lifetimes (although, statistically, women are more like to go through a trauma than men). However, each will experience trauma symptoms differently. If you are a man who has seen or felt trauma in your life, it’s important to know that trauma manifests differently for men. Knowing these differences will help you with identifying symptoms. Thus, keep these factors in mind [...]

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Adoption Trauma: What It Is and How It May Be Affecting You


Being adopted isn't easy. It can be hard to form a connection with a new family. Even as a child grows up, perhaps they continue feeling out of place and never fully integrated into the household. Eventually, as an adult, they may also find it difficult to cope with significant life transitions—always feeling anxious and sensitive to potential threats. These are all issues that are related to what is called adoption trauma. For children who have grown up in an adopted family, the separation process can have effects that carry on into adulthood. However, it is possible to get help for [...]

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What Are the Symptoms of Complex PTSD/Complex Trauma?


    Complex trauma is a condition that develops due to experiencing multiple and repeated traumas when you were young. The effect of this continued exposure to trauma as a child can have significant ramifications- even into adulthood. Being exposed to complex trauma causes changes in brain development. There are learned experiences that influence how you perceive and interact with the world as an adult. Thus, complex trauma often leads to complex PTSD and its far-reaching symptoms. Unlike someone who has experienced a traumatic event in adulthood and developed symptoms of PTSD, complex trauma stemming from childhood has taken years or [...]

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Complex Trauma in Adults: How to Support Your Own Recovery


There’s that old saying: “Time heals all wounds.” Yet, you know better. In fact, in your case, time only added to the burden you carried from past trauma. That’s because, as with many adults who experienced child abuse or neglect, the complex trauma your ordeal had caused may have happened many years (even decades) ago, but it continued to wreak havoc in your life up into the present. Now, though, you’ve turned the corner. You’ve sought out help and treatment to recover from the trauma of your childhood. And therapy has been a powerful step forward for you. Yet, there is [...]

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Adult Survivors of Child Abuse: Supporting Your Loved One’s Recovery


It’s very hard knowing that your loved one was a victim of child abuse. Adult survivors of child abuse often still carry the burden of neglect and complex trauma that they experienced when young. Obviously, these issues would weigh heavily on anyone. And, of course, you want to give your loved one the support and care they need in this situation. Supporting a loved one as they work to recover from abuse is not just helpful, it’s very important! Consider, then, how you can support your loved one's recovery. Believe Their Story First and foremost, communicate to your loved one that you [...]

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