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Sexual Abuse Therapy: Healing the Trauma of Sexual Assault


Sexual assault, whether it was one instance or you've endured years of abuse, affects you at the very core of your being. That's where sexual abuse therapy can be so valuable. The experience shapes your perspectives, can lead to trauma symptoms, and affects how you interact with the world.  An abuse history makes it hard to form relationships with other people. You develop trust issues.  And , the guilt and shame associated with sexual abuse can plague you. Without addressing them at the core, all these issues can cause enormous struggles in life. Please, be assured that healing the trauma of [...]

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Dissociation and Trauma: How a Single Traumatic Event Can Cause Detachment


Are you feeling emotionally numb and detached from both yourself and others? Perhaps you’ve not felt yourself for a while now, and you’re not sure why. And there are times when you just don’t feel connected at all with what’s going on around you. Or, you've been in therapy for years, but don't seem to ever get great traction. You still struggle with symptoms. What about your memory? You’ve been told that you lived through that hurricane last year, but you can’t remember anything about it. Plus, you struggle with stress every day, and that has taken a toll on your focus and [...]

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Hypervigilance and Trauma: Coping with the Effects of PTSD/C-PTSD


For the longest time that you can remember, you’ve always felt on edge. You keep up your guard, no matter the situation. Whether you are at the grocery store shopping or even at home watching TV, your defenses are always on. Loud noises startle you easily, and you have a tendency to get defensive quickly when talking to other people. Why is this happening? You are experiencing hypervigilance, which is likely a result of having endured some form of trauma and dealing with (complex) post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD/C-PTSD). Dealing with hypervigilance due to trauma can be frustrating, but it is treatable. [...]

Hypervigilance and Trauma: Coping with the Effects of PTSD/C-PTSD2020-05-18T05:06:32+00:00

When Emotional Flashbacks and Trauma Wreck Your Life, What Can You Do?


When you have an emotional flashback, it can often be sudden, overwhelming, and distressing. It's like they seem to just come out of nowhere. The slightest thing could be a trigger. Flashbacks connected to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can, in an instant, mentally transport you back to the trauma that has shaped part of your life ever since. And, of course, these traumatic flashbacks are upsetting because they bring up so many painful emotions, especially fear. It's no exaggeration that emotional flashbacks due to trauma can wreck your life. However, they don’t have to impact your life forever. There is a [...]

When Emotional Flashbacks and Trauma Wreck Your Life, What Can You Do?2020-04-27T04:40:26+00:00

Experiencing PTSD from a Relationship? How Is That Possible?


When we think of post-traumatic stress disorder, relationships may be the last thing we'd considered as a source of trauma. After all, aren’t relationships supposed to be loving, affirming, and kind? If so, how can someone suffer with PTSD from a relationship? Sadly, not always. In fact, many people find themselves in toxic relationships. These are situations that are the exact opposite of what a relationship should be. They are filled with bitterness, resentment, and anger. The long-term result of this type of relationship is that people develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A Constant Toxicity One way that trauma can enter into a [...]

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Non-Drug C-PTSD Help: Managing Symptoms the Natural Way


  Coping with complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) isn’t easy. But natural and effective C-PTSD help is available. Despite the risk, there’s a reason why so many people turn to treatment options that utilize psychiatric drugs to cope. The emotional pain is so great and the traumatic memories so disturbing, it seems like those are the only approaches that can offer a solution. However, C-PTSD symptoms can be managed in a healthy way, without the use of prescription drugs. Of course, natural treatment options require a willingness to be involved and take charge of your healing. If you would like help [...]

Non-Drug C-PTSD Help: Managing Symptoms the Natural Way2020-04-13T04:28:10+00:00

Dissociation- What is it, and what can you do?


Dissociation is a coping mechanism that is fundamental to surviving trauma. In fact the two go hand in hand. Understanding what it is, can help you in your own trauma recovery, or help you better understand your loved one's healing journey. Sometimes we as humans endure experiences that are emotionally overwhelming. When this happens, our brains can divide our experiences and break them up into disconnected parts. It's kind of like a system overload, in which your brain tries to break information down into manageable fragments. You can think of these fragments as if they are like pieces of a puzzle. [...]

Dissociation- What is it, and what can you do?2020-04-13T04:04:17+00:00

The Misery of C-PTSD Flashbacks: 10 Steps to Take Control


The emotional flashbacks happen suddenly and without warning. You encountered a trigger that you weren’t expecting. Maybe it was something you saw or heard. Even odors and smells cause these C-PTSD flashbacks.  They take you back to one of the many events that occurred in your past, causing complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD). This type of PTSD is considered “complex” because the trauma involved not one single incident but many events over an extended span of time. And these incidents compound one onto the other, creating many layers of misery. C-PTSD Flashbacks If you are living with constant flashbacks, there are [...]

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PTSD Triggers- Finding Your Way


"Imagine tiptoeing across a minefield. You execute every move with exquisite care. Even your breath is measured because one wrong move could turn everything hellish."  That's how one of my client's described living with her PTSD triggers. PTSD Triggers- What Are They? PTSD triggers are things that reminds you of an earlier trauma People commonly use the term "trigger" because this word captures the automatic, almost mechanical nature of what happens. You see a sight, hear a sound or perhaps smell something that brings it all rushing back. Within a split second, the trauma is alive once again. And indeed that [...]

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Complex PTSD Symptoms- How They Take Over Your Life


Complex PTSD Symptoms can tear apart your relationships and your career. C PTSD, or C-PTSD  is the acronym for Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some people refer to it as "complex trauma".  But all these phrases refer to a mental health challenge that can occur in some people, after they experience, or witness repeated traumatic event or conditions. The symptoms of C PTSD often stem from a physically or emotionally abusive relationship. When you think about PTSD, what comes to mind? Fear? War? Tragic accidents? If so, that's understandable. Media serves us up regular examples of the soldier who returns from [...]

Complex PTSD Symptoms- How They Take Over Your Life2020-03-21T03:56:10+00:00