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Nightmares and PTSD: When Past Trauma Follows You Into Your Sleep—5 Solutions


Nightmares and PTSD. You had that dream again. All of a sudden you wake up with a start, dripping with sweat. For an instant, you’re not sure if you are still in the nightmare or if you are in the real world. Eventually, things start to settle, your breathing slows, and you realize that you are in your bedroom. Yet, it felt like what you were dreaming was so real. Nightmares due to PTSD are a terrible reminder of past trauma and can cause all kinds of sleep issues. However, there are solutions for coping with these dreadful dreams so that sleep doesn’t [...]

Nightmares and PTSD: When Past Trauma Follows You Into Your Sleep—5 Solutions2019-10-14T05:07:56+00:00

When Your Body Constantly Cries Out—Seeking EMDR for Chronic Pain Management


“It hurts! Make it stop!” Every moment of every day your body cries out. It’s telling you that something is terribly wrong and needs to be fixed. EMDR for chronic pain might be just the relief you are looking for. The way that your body cries this out is through chronic pain. Depending on your circumstance, that message is sent out through various parts of your body. For some, it’s their lower back that is in constant pain. For others, it’s in the knuckles of their hands. Sometimes, it's in connection with a bad knee or an arthritic hip. Other times, [...]

When Your Body Constantly Cries Out—Seeking EMDR for Chronic Pain Management2019-10-07T03:18:36+00:00

EMDR Or CBT? Which Is Better For PTSD?


Do you suffer with PTSD, or trauma symptoms? If so, should you be seeking EMDR or CBT therapy? I wrote this blog post to help you decide. EMDR or CBT? Which is More Effective For PTSD? When it comes to PTSD therapy, there are a few main treatment approaches that are widely available. Many people have heard and read about both EMDR therapy and CBT therapy. But how are you to know which is better? After all, you will be investing your time, your money and your heart into healing and recovery. Of course you would want the trauma treatment approach [...]

EMDR Or CBT? Which Is Better For PTSD?2019-09-23T16:36:32+00:00

The Advantages of EMDR in Trauma-Informed Care


If you are struggling with trauma, you want a treatment that will work. That's where Emdr in trauma-informed care comes in. It’s hard enough coping with the emotions and memories associated with the trauma that you experienced. And this is true whether those events occurred last week or even decades ago. Perhaps you’ve even given up hope that you could resolve your trauma. But you can, by participating in trauma-informed care through EMDR. There are several advantages of EMDR which allow you to face what happened and, at the same time, resolve the hurt and pain from those experiences. Trauma-informed therapy, [...]

The Advantages of EMDR in Trauma-Informed Care2019-09-16T04:35:02+00:00

EMDR Therapist Answers Your FAQs


As an Emdr therapist, I get questions. Often questions about Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) come from clients who have have heard or read about it's efficacy and want to know more. Probably the most common question about EMDR is the following: What Is EMDR Therapy And How Does It Work? EMDR is a psychotherapy modality that is integrative. It contains elements of treatment that exist in other approaches, and combines them. This creates a potent method for resolving traumatic symptoms. The Emdr Institute is the main source of training for EMDR therapists. They describe the benefit of what is [...]

EMDR Therapist Answers Your FAQs2019-09-09T04:45:49+00:00

How To Help Someone With Complex PTSD (CPTSD)


It's awful to see someone you love suffer. You see how anxious and triggered they can get. Their mood swings. You see how troubled they become in intimate relationships. And you say to yourself "I wish I knew how to help someone with Complex PTSD". Complex PTSD (C-PTSD) is the result of surviving repeated abuse. Sadly, it often occurs at the hands of those who are supposed to love and care for us the most. It's this fact that is makes recovery from C-PTSD so challenging. Remind Them About How Their Nervous System Works Its power to colour experience is awesome. [...]

How To Help Someone With Complex PTSD (CPTSD)2019-09-01T19:09:22+00:00

What Is PTSD- 6 Signs and Symptoms


What is PTSD? You hear about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the news, in movies and on TV. But what is it really? And could you be suffering from it? PTSD affects both young and old people. It affects men and women. And it's fairly common. In fact 24.4 Million Americans suffer from the signs and symptoms of PTSD. That is 8% of our population. So if you think you might have PTSD, you wouldn't be alone. PTSD occurs in some people after they have lived through a frightening event. Some examples from my psychotherapy practice include: Natural Disasters Violent [...]

What Is PTSD- 6 Signs and Symptoms2019-08-30T04:08:17+00:00

Emdr vs. Neurofeedback- What Therapy Is Best?


"Can you compare EMDR vs Neurofeedback? Which is better for you? " Every couple of weeks, a new client asks me this question. Many of the patients who are referred to me are fairly educated about trauma therapy treatment options. They have heard or read about the effectiveness of both EMDR and Neurofeedback. But they are not sure which might be the best treatment approach for them. Below are some of my thoughts.  I hope that they can help guide you in reflecting on this. EMDR vs. Neurofeedback- Some Contemplation Questions For You   How much do you want to, or [...]

Emdr vs. Neurofeedback- What Therapy Is Best?2019-08-11T19:34:53+00:00

Complex PTSD and Dissociation: How the Mind Copes with Trauma


Complex trauma can be an incredibly heavy burden to bear. It leaves emotional scars that still feel very raw, even years after the trauma occurred. The mind’s way of coping with such intense and repeated trauma is often to detach from what happened. This is called dissociation. And although it may be the innate way the mind deals with complex PTSD, that doesn’t mean it’s a healthy coping response. While the brain has created some distance between the experience and you, the underlying trauma has not been resolved. If you're dealing with complex PTSD and subsequent dissociation, there are ways to get help [...]

Complex PTSD and Dissociation: How the Mind Copes with Trauma2019-08-08T03:17:24+00:00

Trauma Treatment- Why You Might Need It and Not Know


"I had no idea I really needed trauma treatment. I wish I knew that 25 years ago." Angie, said this when we met for our closing trauma therapy session. But this is not the only time I've heard something like this. In fact, I've heard this many times before. Regularly, counseling clients tell me about the their history in therapy. Too often, they describe a course of therapy that fails to help them fundamentally transform and heal. Some clients don't get the results they want because they are not really ready to engage in therapy. They don't prioritize their treatment. They [...]

Trauma Treatment- Why You Might Need It and Not Know2019-08-06T04:50:28+00:00