ADHD Treatment Options- Think “Skills Before Pills”


ADHD Treatment Options Can Be Confusing If you are like many people with ADHD symptoms, you feel a little confused and overwhelmed with your ADHD Treatment options . Are ADHD Treatment Options Overwhelming You? What's the best way to make sustainable improvements in your life? Will psychiatric drugs fix you?  What type of ADHD treatment is best for you?  It's easy to have a ton of questions. But I hope it will be helpful to you if we start with one question. What have we learned about what helps people with ADHD? ADHD Treatment Options- Weighing The Risk Of [...]

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Failure to Launch: The Difficulties of Young Adults with Executive Functioning Problems


  Congratulations! Your young adult is now a college graduate. It’s been a long time coming. However, they have had lots of struggles just getting through school and even reaching college due to executive functioning problems. And now they're faced with a new challenge. Often, young adults who have executive functioning issues also have difficulty with stepping out into the adult world. And this “failure to launch” phenomenon can make it difficult for your graduate to navigate their new environment. As a supportive parent, it’s helpful for both you and them to know the common difficulties young adults with executive functioning problems face. This [...]

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Understanding the Effects of ADHD: 6 Ways It Harms Your Relationships


“It feels hopeless, nobody understands me!” These may be your thoughts as once again you find your relationship in ashes. Everything seemed great at first. In fact, it even occurred to you that this person may be the person with whom you would spend the rest of your life. However, your partner just got tired of having to “deal” with your ADHD. Even though they loved your passion, energy, and excitement, in the end, the effects of ADHD have caused harm to your relationships. Does this sound like you? If so, it's important that you understand the effects of ADHD on [...]

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3 Steps for Reaching Your Potential as an Adult with ADHD or Executive Functioning Problems


You try hard. You really do. However, you still find your thoughts drifting out the window or you forget that you have to be at an appointment on time. It seems as if you are constantly in this thick cloud that keeps you from reaching your full potential. In fact, you know that you have ADHD or executive functioning problems. But knowing that is not enough to help you keep a job or have a relationship. You need help with functioning well, with reaching our potential. Can you do it? Of course! Consider these three steps. 1. Accept That You Need Help [...]

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ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression—Often Related Conditions in Adults and Teens


It’s hard having to face going to work or school every day. You never seem to be able to pay attention or stay on task. The work you do turn in is considered sloppy, incomplete, or just not good enough. You can feel your peers, supervisors, or teachers judging you. They are sending the message that you already know: you must be stupid. What other reason could there be? You try to cope as best you can, but this only causes more stress in your life. As you can see from this scenario, it’s not hard to make the connection between ADHD, anxiety, [...]

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Understanding Adult ADHD: Types, Causes, Symptoms


Understanding Adult ADHD isn’t easy. That's because commonly known symptoms of ADHD are most often associated with children, not adults. Oftentimes, the symptoms exhibited by adults are confused for other behaviors. Also, what causes ADHD for adults may be misunderstood, even by those who are struggling with the disorder themselves. And that can lead to a lot of problems for adults with ADHD, both in their professional and personal lives. Does this sound like you or someone you know? If so, understanding adult ADHD—including its types, causes, and symptoms—can be the first step to managing it. Types of Adult ADHD Typically, when [...]

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ADHD Treatment For Adults and Teens


ADHD Treatment is more than medications. Are You An ADULT or Teen Struggling With ADHD?   With ADHD treatment, It’s possible to prevail over your ADHD. There is effective, natural ADHD help available...besides Medications. ADHD can hurt your education, derail your career and blow apart your relationships. You know what it’s like to suffer with ADHD symptoms... ADHD makes you: Chronically Procrastinate Miss important details Have to work harder to be organized Get distracted easily and drift off.   It can also make you:   Blurt things out and interrupt others Talk a lot Have difficulty waiting and taking turns Have [...]

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