Neurofeedback and Biofeedback- What’s The Difference?


What's The Difference Between Neurofeedback And Biofeedback. I recently talked with a client who spoke about his experience with neurofeedback and biofeedback. He told me he had previously done neurofeedback therapy. Once we started talking about his experience with it, I realized he was confused. He had actually done biofeedback. We are lucky. There are many forms of treatment available to us. The psychotherapy that is available goes way beyond "talk therapy". But because we have so many options, it's easy to get a bit confused. So here is a simple explanation of neurofeedback and biofeedback.   A Bit About Biofeedback: [...]

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Neurofeedback For Kids-4 Reasons It’s Great For Child Therapy


Neurofeedback For Kids?  Absolutely. You may have read an article or seen a news segment about brain training. Neurofeedback is a form of technology assisted therapy which teaches kids (and adults!) how to change the way their brains work.  It's a form of  EEG biofeedback therapy that has been around for decades As humans, many of the issues we struggle with start in our brain.  You know how we develop physical habits? Well, we also have brain habits. If your child is anxious, certain areas of his brain activate. If he is daydreaming, other parts of his brain fire. When these [...]

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Neurofeedback For Migraines? Does it work?


Neurofeedback for Migraines?  Does it work? Many clients ask me if I ever do any neurofeedback training myself.  The answer is yes! Of course. I'm a big believer in practicing what I preach. So, it's not just my work with clients that has proven the effectiveness of neurofeedback to me. My own personal training has shown me the tremendous relief that neurofeedback for migraines can offer. Yesterday was a very tough day.  A migraine headache snuck up on me.  As the day wore on, my fingers began pressing into the muscles around my face, feeling for trigger points to help prevent [...]

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Neurofeedback for Chronic Pain – An Important Part of Your Pain Management


If you suffer from chronic pain, then you know the importance of having a pain management plan. It’s what keeps you functioning just so that you can get through your day. Yet, despite both your best efforts and those of your clinical team, chronic pain still persists. This can make it really hard for you to live your life. In fact, it may feel as if you must live with chronic pain forever. However, that doesn't have to be the case. Research is confirming that neurofeedback can be an important part of your chronic pain management plan. How so? Consider... How Can [...]

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Neurofeedback for Insomnia: How to Train Your Brain to Sleep


“Why can’t I sleep? I must be going crazy!”   Not getting a full night’s rest can be frustrating at the least and debilitating at its worst. No wonder many people who struggle with sleep problems are at their wit's end. Have you tried going to therapy for your sleep problems or worked to improve your sleep hygiene, yet, nothing improves? It could be that the solution is neurofeedback for insomnia. This form of neurofeedback therapy can help you get back into a more typical sleep cycle, allowing you to enjoy the full night’s rest that you’ve been dreaming of.   What Is Neurofeedback [...]

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Neurofeedback For Anxiety- 3 Examples of How Neurofeedback Can Transform Anxiety


  Neurofeedback For Anxiety- It Might Be The Most Effective Approach For You. Have you been hearing a lot about neurofeedback lately? There has been a lot of buzz about neurofeedback. News sites publish articles about neurofeedback therapy being used to treat PTSD and aid recovery for soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injury. TV segments show stories about the relief that clients have gained from their ADHD and depression symptoms, Even Dr. Phil regularly sends his guests for neurofeedback treatment. Although neurofeedback (EEG brainwave biofeedback) has been around for decades, it's recently caught a lot of attention in Silicon Valley as a [...]

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Neurofeedback for Peak Performance – How Does It Work?


You want to operate at peak performance. After all, so many things in your life depend on you being on top of your game. At work, you need to stay sharp and focused to get your projects done. Maybe there’s a new position opening up, and you want to make sure that you are being considered. When you’re at home, you want to be there for your family. Most especially, you have children whom you love and care for. And, of course, there’s that weekly pickup basketball game you enjoy playing. However, have you noticed that things have been off lately? It [...]

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Neurofeedback For ADHD- Does it Work?


    Congratulations. You have decided to do something about your ADHD. Looking around for some help, you have probably come across magazine articles, TV news stories, or internet stories on the benefits of neurofeedback for ADHD.                   For many clients, neurofeedback brain training for ADHD symptoms is a game changer. With Neurofeedback For ADHD, You’ve Got 3 Reasons To Be Excited   1. Neurofeedback For ADHD Works Well for Many...And They Enjoy The Training   Some clients love neurofeedback. They find it interesting and engaging. Learning about their brain and seeing it [...]

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Neurofeedback Therapy: Why Do Some Choose This Modality Over Other Treatment Methods?


Neurofeedback Therapy: Why Do Some Choose This Modality Over Other Treatment Methods?   When we need help with our mental health, there are many treatment options available.   Talk therapy and medication are traditionally two of the most popular tools out there. However, do they really work for everyone in finding relief from symptoms and making real change?   It turns out that some people choose a different path by utilizing neurofeedback therapy instead.   Why do they choose this modality over other treatment methods?   The answer may surprise you. The Limitations of Talk Therapy Let’s be clear, talk therapy [...]

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What Is Neurofeedback Training?


Neurofeedback Therapy It is a drug free way to help you learn how to calm your emotions, reduce pain symptoms and stabilize your attention. What Is Neurofeedback? For decades, different forms of biofeedback have been used as to train patients to make physiological changes. It’s been an effective treatment for stress, depression, anxiety, pain, high blood pressure, migraines as well as a host of other mind/body conditions. With neurofeedback therapy, our goal is to help train the your nervous system to be calmer, and your brain to be more focused. Other forms of biofeedback rely on your conscious mind and will [...]

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