Regardless of where you are in your recovery from chronic anxiety, you deserve a pat on the back and a high-five (really!).

Whether it’s your first day on this new journey or you’ve been doing this for years, chronic anxiety disorders can be an ever-present challenge. Maybe it strikes when you’re at work, trying to meet a deadline. Or you suddenly start feeling anxiety welling up at home. Even when you are on vacation, anxiety doesn’t let you catch a break.

recovery from chronic anxietyOften, it seems like there is no reason at all why it’s occurring. You feel frustrated, angry, and even disappointed when it once again strikes.

However, please know that every step you can take in your recovery from chronic anxiety is well worth the struggle.

Here’s why.

Truly Understanding Yourself

Face it. When you look back on your life, were there times that you experienced anxiety but couldn’t identify what was happening? Those moments were probably very frightening, especially if you were very young.

There’s this feeling of not being in control that is so demoralizing. You might have even thought to yourself that you were going crazy. Yet, you were not at all; there was a reason for how you felt. It was chronic anxiety that was creeping into your life.

Now that you are on your road to recovery from chronic anxiety, you can fit those pieces of the puzzle together. You recognize what’s happening, and you know what to do about it.

Learning How to Better Cope with Anxiety

Another reason why the battle it’s well worth the struggle when it comes to anxiety is that you have gained a lot of tools.

Before, you didn’t know at all how to deal with feelings of anxiety. When they struck, they struck hard. Your whole day could be thrown off track because of an anxiety attack. And that made it very hard to accomplish anything. Moreover, there was that constant fear lurking in the back of your head that an anxiety attack could strike when you let your guard down. Thus, you were always on edge.

Now, you know soothing techniques that keep you grounded. If you start to get anxious, you know how to use tools to get out of that mindset before spiraling out of control.

Improving Personal Relationships

Your relationships are worth the struggle that comes with chronic anxiety recovery as well. If anything, you feel more at ease and present with the people you care about.

Of course, you still have anxiety, but it’s not your primary concern anymore. This frees up both mental and emotional energy to allow you to focus more on the people you care about, and who also care about you too.

In addition, if anxiety does strike, it doesn’t have to disrupt date night or spending time with your kids anymore. In fact, you may get so good at coping with anxiety in the moment that nobody notices what’s happening at all.

Fulfilling Your Dreams

Did you ever want to travel abroad or have a thrilling adventure but were too anxious to go? Were worries about what could go wrong always present? That too changes when you’re on your way to recovery.

What is so heartbreaking about anxiety is that it limits your possibilities for having a rich and fulfilling life. Adventure can and should be a part of your life (on your own terms, of course). Anxiety should not be the reason why you hold back from living your life and fulfilling your dreams.

Just imagine what awaits you when your anxiety is no longer weighing you down. It’ll be like living a whole new life!

As you can see, putting effort into every step of your recovery from chronic anxiety is well worth it, despite the struggle. It’s not just about the therapeutic idea of getting to know yourself better. Rather, it’s about being the person you were meant to be and doing the things you want to do.

Granted, anxiety doesn’t just disappear overnight. However, chronic anxiety disorders can be controlled. If you have not yet started your journey to recovery from anxiety, I would like to help. Please, contact me or read more about my approach to anxiety therapy.