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Help for Chronic and Severe Anxiety: Treatment Options


Sometimes, the search for getting help with chronic or severe anxiety can be as nerve-wracking as the anxiety itself. So many questions and doubts can exist. Will therapy really work for me? Which treatment options will be the most effective? How will this be any different than my previous treatment experiences? After all, it’s very discouraging if you have already been to anxiety treatment before, and it didn’t work. However, that doesn’t mean that therapy, in the long run, can't be beneficial. Maybe you just haven’t found what works yet. Consider these potential treatment options for anxiety and whether they may [...]

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Living With OCD- Tips For OCD Recovery


"I'm so OCD".  Joking about our own personal peccadillos, we sometimes toss this phrase around lightly. But for the 1 in 4o Americans who actually suffer from it, living with OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, can be pretty unfunny. Recovery from OCD is possible, though for many, it's not so easy. As a practicing therapist, I've been fortunate to help clients overcome OCD symptoms. And I also seen some people stay stuck. Living With OCD? Here Are Some Tips.   First, Lean Into Anxiety. When we feel anxious or scared, a natural response is to do what we can to get [...]

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When Stress Makes You Ill


Medical issues can be complicated. And when health problems are chronic, there are often many strands to unravel. A common contributing factor in poor health is stress. How can you know when stress makes you ill? Stress Is Everywhere, And It's Increasing A little stress can be a good thing. If you want to strengthen your muscles. you do it by working out. You intentionally stress your body in order to build it up. But if you overdo your workouts, you harm yourself. Like a person who is overtraining, many of us are harming ourselves with stress levels that are too [...]

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Living with Anxiety: What to Do When You Feel Panicky – 5 Tips


When you're living with anxiety, you need multiple tools in your toolbox to deal with a panic attack. You can’t just rely on one trick. It's a good thing to have an idea of what to do when you feel panicky. After all, a panic attack could happen when you least expect it. It’s a lot harder to go for a walk to work off the anxiety when you’re stuck in your car during the morning commute! If you’ve dealt with panic attacks your whole life but are still struggling, you need a variety of strategies to fall back on, depending [...]

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Coping with Panic Attacks: 5 Effective Treatments Aside from Psychiatric Drugs


Coping with panic attacks; it's easier said than done. Panic attacks can be a very scary and debilitating experience. And if you have had one, you might be constantly on alert, dreading the possibility of the next attack. When you are stuck in the middle of an attack, you often feel powerless to do anything about it. Many client have the told me of the terror they felt when they wondered if they were having a heart attack. This very sense of feeling powerless over your own body and mind actually adds to the fearful negative mix of feelings that you [...]

Coping with Panic Attacks: 5 Effective Treatments Aside from Psychiatric Drugs2019-07-18T06:24:21+00:00

Anxiety and Childhood Trauma: Why the Roots of Chronic Anxiety Often Go Back to Early Life Experiences


It can be hard to understand why you have chronic anxiety or even trauma-induced anxiety. After all, you’ve felt this way for such a long time, as far back as you can remember. And this makes it difficult to understand and gain perspective on not only the source of your problem but also what to do about it. The key may be exploring early life trauma experiences. By studying your past, it’s possible to connect those early experiences to why you struggle with anxiety now as an adult. Although this may not be an easy thing to do, it does hold the [...]

Anxiety and Childhood Trauma: Why the Roots of Chronic Anxiety Often Go Back to Early Life Experiences2019-04-13T18:19:56+00:00

Anxiety Symptoms in Teens- Don’t Overlook These 5 Signs


Anxiety Symptoms in Teens Can Be Different It's common enough for adults to have trouble recognizing their own struggle with anxiety. And it can be even more difficult to see when your teen is suffering. Anxiety symptoms in teens can be hard to read. How can you tell whether what you are seeing is just "typical teen behavior", or is a problem that needs some attention. Recently, "Karen" talked with me about her dilemma.  She confided that she doesn't want to be "a worry wart". But she also doesn't want to neglect her son if he is suffering. Some Teens Suffer [...]

Anxiety Symptoms in Teens- Don’t Overlook These 5 Signs2019-04-11T05:24:23+00:00

The Body-Mind Connection: What Are the Effects of Anxiety on the Body?


You thought you knew everything about anxiety. After all, you have to face it every single day of your life, right? There’s the constant worrying that’s always in the back of your head. Or the stress that you face when you experience a trigger. Sure, you've noticed that anxiety can make your heart beat faster or your breathing to be more labored. And that when you get stressed you usually begin to sweat a little. However, did you know the effects of anxiety on the body can actually much more severe than that? We are discovering more about the body-mind connection all the [...]

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Overcoming Anxiety: Yes, Even Chronic Anxiety Can Be Healed!


In over twenty years of practice, I'm happy to have helped many people  with overcoming anxiety-even when it's chronic been chronic. What's anxiety like for them? There’s the constant worrying and fear that dominates their lives. Alongside, this sits the uncomfortable physical anxiety symptoms. The struggle includes not just the issues that trigger the anxiety. It can even involve worrying about the anxiety itself! These anxiety sufferers feel stuck with their symptoms over a long time and sometimes feel pretty hopeless with overcoming their chronic anxiety. However, it is possible to discover anxiety relief. Yes, you can be healed! Consider these [...]

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EMDR For Anxiety: How Does It Help Provide Relief?


Anxiety feels awful- doesn't it? Your stomach tightens into a bit of a knot and you don't know why. Your jaw clenches and your breath constricts. Sometimes you think there is nothing that is going to help- you will never be that calm, cool and collected person. If this sounds like you, EMDR for anxiety might just be the thing that will help you. Although anxiety makes you suffer, there is good news. We know more about treating anxiety than perhaps any other psychological problem. EMDR For Anxiety Helps In These 3 Ways: 1. EMDR Strengthens Anxiety Coping Skills You remember [...]

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