Bay Area Neurofeedback TherapistHow Can You Find The Best Bay Area Neurofeedback Therapist?

You’ve heard about how helpful Neurofeedback Therapy is. Now you are considering getting some neurofeedback training for yourself. But where to start? When you begin to research your options, it can be confusing. The field of neurofeedback is pretty diverse and there a many different approaches. But how do you find a good Bay Area Neurofeedback Therapist?

So How Do You Find The Right Neurofeedback Therapist Who Is Going To Help You Meet Your Goals?

Earlier today, I received a phone call from a potential client who was referred to me by aBay Area Neurofeedback Therapist psychiatrist colleague. Unfortunately, our schedules didn’t match and this man asked me “What should I do? What would you do if you wanted to find a good Bay Area Neurofeedback Therapist?

Here how I recommend you find the most qualified neurofeedback therapist.

Ask About The Neurofeedback Therapist’s Background

This is important. While everyone who practices has similar foundation level education and training, there is wide variety amongst therapists. Some pursue advanced in -depth training and become specialists. Many do not.

This is similar to any other profession. You can think of this like a doctor. A doctor has to have a medical degree, a medical license, a business license and a basic level of training to see patients. Many doctors have a general practice and are well versed in simple, everyday health problems. But beyond that, there is a lot of variety. If you struggle with a few different symptoms, it’s important to consider the therapists ability to work with complex cases.

With Neurofeedback Training, Ask About The Status Of their License

To get the best results, it’s important to work with someone who is licensed to practice psychotherapy. In California, the only people who are allowed to practice legally are licensed by the state. But in reality, there are quite a few practitioners of all sorts who practice all sorts of counseling and other healing arts modalities.

As an example, I’ve had clients who previously worked with dietitians, life coaches and people who just bought neurofeedback eeg equipment and took a weekend workshop. None of them got the results they were looking for. Neurofeedback is a clinical tool, and outcomes often depend on who is using the tool.

While there are talented people in all fields, remember, only a licensed therapist is going to have the clinical education, training and experience necessary to diagnose and treat conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD and insomnia

Ask How They Use Neurofeedback In Their Practice

Does The Bay Area Neurofeedback Therapist Use What I Call The “Magic Machine Model”?  In this model of practice, the therapist connects you to the eeg equipment and then leaves you on your own for the duration of the training. In this model of training, both the therapist and the client view training as something the computer does to you. Research shows that the relationship between therapist and client is the most influential factor in any psychotherapy. To my mind why on earth would you want to diminish it? Finally, another drawback is that the magic machine model leaves the therapist unable to observe you during the training, thereby missing an opportunity to gather additional feedback by watching you and talking with you.

I personally find it much more helpful to use neurofeedback training as a collaborative form of psychotherapy. It’s a modality we use together. As I like to remind my clients, “The feedback doesn’t just come from the machine, it comes from each other”.

Ask Who Will Do The Actual Neurofeedback Training

Many clinics who offer neurofeedback therapy clinics have technicians who actually do the training with clients. Importantly, you may meet with the therapist for your assessment, but you most likely will not be meeting with them for all your training. This deprives the therapist of useful information that comes from talking with you and observing you.

Neurofeedback, Done Right, Is A Powerful And Effective Form Of Therapy

If you are looking for a Neurofeedback Therapist in the Bay Area, give me a call. I’d be happy to speak with you to see how I might help you.