Feeling Down? Are you ready to feel better? I’d like to help!

Most people feel down and stuck sometimes…  procrastination, the lack of energy, low self esteem can all be signs of depression.

There is help and hope.  You can feel good again!

I help clients take the key steps that are vital for their recovery from depression.

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Here are some tips to help you in your recovery…remember, depression doesn’t often just go away on it’s own.

To Recover From Depression, Get and give support!

Even though you may feel reluctant to confide in others, speak up. Finding people that you can talk with openly with is a basic human need. A licensed therapist can help you recognize and change personal patterns that may be contributing to your depression. Friends, volunteer projects, community organizations all probably need your help too. Along with getting some quality attention for yourself, it’s often helpful to those who are dealing with depression to get out there and give some support to others.

Get exercise To Ease Depression!

Even if it’s the last thing that you feel like doing, move your body. Take a brisk walk for twenty minutes. Find a buddy and commit to exercising and you’ll be less likely to just skip it. Pay for a class and you’ll be more likely to prioritize exercise into your life. Most people find that exercise provides enourmous relief to their depression.

Depressed? Get outside!

Resist the temptation to sit inside. Remember, the television can be your worst enemy when is comes to depression. It’s likely that you will feel much better if you can go outdoors and have some fun.

Depression Can Mask Hidden Feelings…Get your feelings out!

Sometimes we lose track of how we feel. Depression can feel like a heavy blanket. Many people find that if they lift that blanket, there are other feelings underneath. Sadness, anxiety, fear, loneliness, anger and other common feelings can all be associated with depression. Keeping a diary can help you to discover what might be going on underneath your depression.

Depressing Thoughts? Don’t believe everything you think!

Learning to take a step backwards and evaluate your thoughts can be a huge boon. Every day we have thousand of thoughts rattling through our heads. Some thoughts intensify our emotional reactions, and some help us cope. Not all of our thoughts are worth having or believing. Some only contribute to your depression. If you find yourself having negative, undermining thoughts, challenge them.

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