7 Often Overlooked Signs of Depression


You’ve read enough blog posts and articles to know the common symptoms of depression. For instance, there’s the person that feels sad all the time. Or the one who has trouble feeling motivated to do the things they used to really enjoy. However, there are many overlooked signs of depression that are connected with the condition. Why do they get overlooked? Because these depression symptoms can get confused for other problems. Consider seven signs of depression that are often overlooked. 1. Difficulty Making Decisions Indecisiveness is one of the overlooked signs of depression that could be present. Even making basic decisions, [...]

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When Depression Hits- Here Is What You Can Do


When depression hits, it can hit hard. It might arrive suddenly out of the blue, or it can slowly sneak up on you over days or weeks. One day you are feeling o.k., and then you notice that your mood has slipped. You might find yourself with: Low motivation Irritability Feelings of sadness, worthlessness, or hopelessness Sleep problems Poor concentration What should you do if you start to realize that you are feeling depressed? Here are some practical tips. I hope they help you feel better. :)   When Depression Hits, Focus First On Actions and Behaviors Depression saps motivation. For example, [...]

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The Devastating Effects of Depression on Relationships: 5 Key Issues


The sadness and despair of depression can weigh on you like a heavy coat. In fact, your depression keeps you smothered. Yet, it can also act as a barrier toward others, and thus, have a tremendously devastating impact on your relationships. The hard part is that it’s difficult to connect the dots between how your depression impacts others in your life. This means that, most likely, your depression is damaging your relationships even more than you realize. While it may be a hard thing to face, part of getting the help you need is first understanding the effects of depression on [...]

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5 Signs It’s Time to Consider Getting Therapy for Depression


You know it’s time to do something. In fact, you’ve felt this way for a while. Yet, there was always something holding you back. However, now the signs of depression are clear and you realize you need professional help. Acknowledging that you need therapy for depression isn’t easy. It means admitting that things have gotten out of hand. Nobody likes the thought of that idea. In fact, they would rather bury themselves in denial as depression continues to wreak havoc on their lives. But that would be the true mistake. Being willing to get depression help is a sign of strength. If you’re still on [...]

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Natural Treatments For Depression


Do Natural Treatments For Depression Exist? Yes Indeed! Are you struggling with depression? Turn on your T.V. You probably won't have to wait for more than a few moments before the next ad for a psychiatric drug appears. But if you are one of the many who worry about the risks of taking these drugs, you are not alone. Many people are wary of anti depressant drugs and would feel safer taking a more natural approach. Why are patients scared of taking anti depressant drugs? Some want to avoid the increased risk of depression relapse that is associated with anti depressant [...]

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Is Depression in Seniors a Direct Result of Aging?


“Dad doesn’t seem like his usual self,” you say to yourself after your most recent visit with your father. He seemed more distant and lethargic. You remember when he enjoyed gardening and discussing the most recent book he had read. Now he just sits at home by the window. You think it might be depression, but you wonder: Is depression in seniors is a result of aging? The short answer to this question is an empathetic “No!” Senior citizens do struggle with depression, just like people of any age. But, if it's not a direct result of aging, what is it a result [...]

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When You Struggle with Both Anxiety and Depression Symptoms—5 Ways to Cope


If you live with both anxiety and depression, then you know that you carry twice the burden. It’s almost as if one feeds into the other. Despite your best efforts, keeping both anxiety symptoms and depression symptoms at bay is taking up a lot of your energy. At the end of the day, you either feel exhausted or really stressed-out. Is there anything you can do? Consider five ways that you can cope with the double onslaught. 1. Create a Positive Environment for Yourself When you think about what’s in your control, creating a positive environment for yourself has to be near [...]

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Struggling with Depressing Thoughts? – Don’t Believe Everything You Think!


Our brains are incredible. Every day you have thousands of thoughts. This could range from planning for your child’s birthday party this weekend to completing a complex project at work. It’s amazing that we have this capacity for such high-level thinking. But sometimes your thoughts can be too much and really negative. In fact, depressing thoughts can make their way into your mind. This can cause you to eventually experience depression and struggle to be able to function. However, you don’t have to believe everything you think! Why You Have Depressing Thoughts The obvious reason why you are having depressing thoughts is that you [...]

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Neurofeedback For Depression


Neurofeedback For Depression: 3 Reasons to Consider Neurofeedback For Depression: Because It’s Natural. Like many, you want a natural alternative to psychiatric drugs. You want to feel your best, and you are health conscious. You care about your physical health and are wary of taking pills that might end up hurting your body. Neurofeedback for depression might very well provide you with the relief you seek.    Despite the common use of antidepressant drugs, I have noticed that clients in my clinical practice more and more people are becoming aware of the negative sides to taking anti depressant drugs.   Through [...]

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Depression & Gender: 5 Ways Depression Can Be Different for Men


Depression In Men Typically, when you think of depression, what comes to mind?  Depression in men often looks, sounds and feels different than it does in women.  Usually, when you picture depression, it’s someone who is sitting alone or who feels sad. Maybe they are overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and have a very negative view of themselves.   Although this is how depression is typically seen, we are learning more all the time about other ways it manifests.   For example, consider how depression can affect men specifically. Sadly, in our society men are discouraged from sharing their emotions, which [...]

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