EMDR For Anxiety: How Does It Help Provide Relief?


Anxiety feels awful- doesn't it? Your stomach tightens into a bit of a knot and you don't know why. Your jaw clenches and your breath constricts. Sometimes you think there is nothing that is going to help- you will never be that calm, cool and collected person. If this sounds like you, EMDR for anxiety might just be the thing that will help you. Although anxiety makes you suffer, there is good news. We know more about treating anxiety than perhaps any other psychological problem. EMDR For Anxiety Helps In These 3 Ways: 1. EMDR Strengthens Anxiety Coping Skills You remember [...]

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EMDR for PTSD and Trauma Symptoms: How Does It Work?


The car accident happened so long ago, but it feels as if it occurred just yesterday. You can still hear the screeching of the tires on the pavement and the crunching of the metal. When you go to a gas station, just the smell of the fuel vapors in the air brings you back to that terrible day. It’s often hard for you to concentrate and focus. You’ve even caught yourself getting angry and snapping back at others. If this sounds familiar, that’s because these are symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And these trauma symptoms can be crippling. However, eye movement desensitization and [...]

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EMDR Psychotherapy- Expectations vs. Reality


EMDR psychotherapy has been around since the 1980's. During that time, there has been a fair amount of false and inaccurate information it. What am I talking about? Below is a few of some of the common misunderstanding that I hear from clients, and sometimes from other therapists   EMDR Psychotherapy Is A Quick Fix Every few weeks, I receive a phone call from a potential EMDR psychotherapy client. He or she tells me that they want to come in for "a few EMDR psychotherapy sessions". During our conversation, that person often will describe a bit about their history and their [...]

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Is Depression in Seniors a Direct Result of Aging?


“Dad doesn’t seem like his usual self,” you say to yourself after your most recent visit with your father. He seemed more distant and lethargic. You remember when he enjoyed gardening and discussing the most recent book he had read. Now he just sits at home by the window. You think it might be depression, but you wonder: Is depression in seniors is a result of aging? The short answer to this question is an empathetic “No!” Senior citizens do struggle with depression, just like people of any age. But, if it's not a direct result of aging, what is it a result [...]

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3 Important Tips From An Anxiety Therapist


As an anxiety therapist, I began helping clients over 20 years ago. During that time, I've seen a number of women and men make full recoveries. Sadly, I've also seen people struggle to get better. Today, a friend asked me for advice. He wanted to know what he should look for in his search to find someone to help with his anxiety.  Although he is an experienced therapy client, he has never gotten the relief he's sought. Here the advice I gave him over coffee... Tip # 1 -Work With An Anxiety Therapist Who Is Integrative. Why does this matter? Because [...]

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How Anxiety in Senior Citizens Manifests Differently – Signs & Symptoms


It’s well known that the population in many countries, including the United States, is getting older. With advancing age often come various physical and mental issues, which can cause an elderly person to become anxious. As the population ages, then, there is a greater chance that more people will suffer from anxiety. In contrast to younger adults, though, anxiety in senior citizens presents its own set of problems. It's important understanding the signs and symptoms of the condition in the elderly and how they may manifest. With a proper diagnosis, it’s possible for senior citizens to get treatment for their anxiety [...]

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Quick Guide To Executive Functioning Problems In Adults- What You Need To Know


You may have heard or read about executive functioning in children.  But how much do you know about executive functioning problems in adults? What Exactly Is Executive Functioning? Executive functioning refers to a set of brain abilities that can help you to accomplish your goals. When developed, these capacities supply us with vital life skills. Below are some descriptions of some ways that I've seen executive functioning problems in adults and teens.  6 Common Signs of Executive Functioning Problems in Adults Impulse control problems.  Remember when you were little?  You were probably told many times to "think before you speak", or [...]

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Calming the Nervous System: Tips for Anxiety, Depression and Anger Management


Why? Scientific research on the brain tells us that the more you experience a mental/ emotional state, the more likely you are to experience that state. This is one of the reasons why people who do not seek treatment for Depression and Anxiety, tend to get worse over time. On a neurological level, the more often the brain fires in a certain pattern, the better it gets at firing that way. That is why when we practice something we getter better at it. The following analogy will help you understand this. If a person goes hiking through the woods once a [...]

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ADHD Treatment For Adults and Teens


ADHD Treatment is more than medications. Are You An ADULT or Teen Struggling With ADHD?   With ADHD treatment, It’s possible to prevail over your ADHD. There is effective, natural ADHD help available...besides Medications. ADHD can hurt your education, derail your career and blow apart your relationships. You know what it’s like to suffer with ADHD symptoms... ADHD makes you: Chronically Procrastinate Miss important details Have to work harder to be organized Get distracted easily and drift off.   It can also make you:   Blurt things out and interrupt others Talk a lot Have difficulty waiting and taking turns Have [...]

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