Overcoming Anxiety: Yes, Even Chronic Anxiety Can Be Healed!


In over twenty years of practice, I'm happy to have helped many people  with overcoming anxiety-even when it's chronic been chronic. What's anxiety like for them? There’s the constant worrying and fear that dominates their lives. Alongside, this sits the uncomfortable physical anxiety symptoms. The struggle includes not just the issues that trigger the anxiety. It can even involve worrying about the anxiety itself! These anxiety sufferers feel stuck with their symptoms over a long time and sometimes feel pretty hopeless with overcoming their chronic anxiety. However, it is possible to discover anxiety relief. Yes, you can be healed! Consider these [...]

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: When Should You Seriously Consider It?


You may have heard about Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, also known as EMDR. Perhaps you've even thought that it sounds like a really interesting treatment method that seems like it has great potential. However, you may be wondering if it would actually work for you. So, when should you seriously consider EMDR treatment? Obviously, EMDR isn’t a “magic bullet” solution to every therapy problem. But it is very effective at treating certain conditions, especially those related to trauma. That's because it can help with resolving the memories that surround the trauma so that they're no longer so painful. If you are [...]

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Understanding Complex PTSD: What Is It? What Are the Signs?


Understanding Complex PTSD starts with learning about a term that is gaining widespread recognition. Most people have at least heard of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It affects thousands and can be extremely debilitating. But complex PTSD (C-PTSD) isn’t as widely known yet. That’s why understanding it is incredibly important. The most essential part of understanding complex PTSD is learning how it differs from traditional PTSD. In order to do that, we have to take a closer look at what C-PTSD really is and what signs you should be looking for. Some of the symptoms of C-PTSD are similar to those of traditional [...]

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EMDR Therapy: Understanding the Connection Between PTSD and Chronic Pain Symptoms


It’s been a long time since the accident. However you are still left with chronic pain in your neck and back. Whenever the pain spikes, it reminds you of that fateful day and how everything changed. Eventually, you had to leave your job because the chronic pain was too great, and now you sit at home by yourself. If you have PTSD and chronic pain, every day can feel like a struggle. EMDR therapy, or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, can help with treating both your post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain. What Is Chronic Pain? The National Institutes of Health considers [...]

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EMDR For Anxiety: How Does It Help Provide Relief?


Anxiety feels awful- doesn't it? Your stomach tightens into a bit of a knot and you don't know why. Your jaw clenches and your breath constricts. Sometimes you think there is nothing that is going to help- you will never be that calm, cool and collected person. If this sounds like you, EMDR for anxiety might just be the thing that will help you. Although anxiety makes you suffer, there is good news. We know more about treating anxiety than perhaps any other psychological problem. EMDR For Anxiety Helps In These 3 Ways: 1. EMDR Strengthens Anxiety Coping Skills You remember [...]

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EMDR for PTSD and Trauma Symptoms: How Does It Work?


The car accident happened so long ago, but it feels as if it occurred just yesterday. You can still hear the screeching of the tires on the pavement and the crunching of the metal. When you go to a gas station, just the smell of the fuel vapors in the air brings you back to that terrible day. It’s often hard for you to concentrate and focus. You’ve even caught yourself getting angry and snapping back at others. If this sounds familiar, that’s because these are symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And these trauma symptoms can be crippling. However, eye movement desensitization and [...]

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EMDR Psychotherapy- Expectations vs. Reality


EMDR psychotherapy has been around since the 1980's. During that time, there has been a fair amount of false and inaccurate information about it. What am I talking about? Below is a description of few of the common misunderstandings that I hear from clients, and sometimes from other therapists   EMDR Psychotherapy Is A Quick Fix Every few weeks, I receive a phone call from a potential EMDR psychotherapy client. He or she tells me that they want to come in for "a few EMDR psychotherapy sessions". During our conversation, that person often will describe a bit about their history and [...]

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Is Depression in Seniors a Direct Result of Aging?


“Dad doesn’t seem like his usual self,” you say to yourself after your most recent visit with your father. He seemed more distant and lethargic. You remember when he enjoyed gardening and discussing the most recent book he had read. Now he just sits at home by the window. You think it might be depression, but you wonder: Is depression in seniors is a result of aging? The short answer to this question is an empathetic “No!” Senior citizens do struggle with depression, just like people of any age. But, if it's not a direct result of aging, what is it a result [...]

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3 Important Tips From An Anxiety Therapist


As an anxiety therapist, I began helping clients over 20 years ago. During that time, I've seen a number of women and men make full recoveries. Sadly, I've also seen people struggle to get better. Today, a friend asked me for advice. He wanted to know what he should look for in his search to find someone to help with his anxiety.  Although he is an experienced therapy client, he has never gotten the relief he's sought. Here the advice I gave him over coffee... Tip # 1 -Work With An Anxiety Therapist Who Is Integrative. Why does this matter? Because [...]

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How Anxiety in Senior Citizens Manifests Differently – Signs & Symptoms


It’s well known that the population in many countries, including the United States, is getting older. With advancing age often come various physical and mental issues, which can cause an elderly person to become anxious. As the population ages, then, there is a greater chance that more people will suffer from anxiety. In contrast to younger adults, though, anxiety in senior citizens presents its own set of problems. It's important understanding the signs and symptoms of the condition in the elderly and how they may manifest. With a proper diagnosis, it’s possible for senior citizens to get treatment for their anxiety [...]

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