Speak Out! We Can’t Hear You


Why we stay silent…and how you can stop Have you ever had a relationship issue weighing on your mind? Have you ever had one that you just don’t bring up? Most people have. Recently we discussed this interesting topic in one of my weekly healing anger groups. I always find this to be a particularly juicy topic because I have noticed that people with chronic anger often have a very difficult time asking for what they want, or telling you what is bothering them. It seems like it’s easier to just silently stew, or explode. But what I find most intriguing [...]

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How To Get The Most From Therapy- Part 2


More ways you can get the most you can out of therapy… You have decided to invest your time and money. Here is how to make sure you get the best result you possibly can… First a question; what can get in the way? Ironically, what prevents you from getting the result you want, are the very thoughts, feelings and behaviors that get in their way in other places in your life their lives. Therapy is a special kind of relationship and we bring the same dynamics to it that we would bring to any relationship. Fear One part of you [...]

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How To Get The Most From Therapy- Part 1


What you need to know in order to really get what you want out of therapy One of the things that is particularly striking to me about being a therapist, is the number of people that don’t really know how to best take advantage of the service. It seems as if it’s easier for the average consumer to educate him or herself about how best to buy a cell phone, than to work well with a therapist. So, from the other side of things, the therapist’s side, I thought that I might offer a little input. Take a good look My [...]

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