No one likes to admit when they have hit a brick wall, metaphorically speaking.

It’s easier to put on an air of confidence rather than admit that something is very wrong.working with an emdr therapist

However, deep down inside you probably know that, despite years of effort, there are still emotional issues that cling tightly to you. That’s why now, more than ever, working with an EMDR therapist may be something you should seriously consider.

Therapy is essential for making permanent lasting change. Even if you have had negative outcomes with therapy before, it is still the best solution.

Here’s why working with a therapist who specializes in EMDR could be essential for success.

You Have Unresolved Trauma

First and foremost, the reason why working with an EMDR therapist can be so important is when you have unresolved trauma from your past. It could have been from childhood, having had to endure emotional abuse from a parent. Or maybe you have experienced a loss in your life that was so great it has overshadowed your life ever since.

Trauma can take many forms and just about everyone will experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives. How you cope with those experiences is critical for your ability to heal and move forward. Unresolved trauma, in turn, will negatively affect your life in many ways.

Trauma Symptoms Have Greatly Disrupted Your Life

When you are struggling with trauma symptoms, it can feel as if your life is on hold. You can’t focus on the present. Even when you experience moments of peace and calm, they can be interrupted by a triggering event. Maybe it’s hearing a car backfire or even the sound of someone’s voice. No matter the trigger, they hurl your mind back to the events of your trauma.

This is why working with an EMDR therapist can be so crucial. In therapy, you can safely experience the emotions and feelings associated with those traumatic events. Over time, and with more EMDR sessions, it gets better. Until, eventually, you can recall those events without experiencing negative emotions.

Therapy Hasn’t Worked for You

You’ve invested hundreds or even thousands of hours in therapy, and it just hasn’t worked. It’s not like you didn’t try. Yet, you were never able to form a real connection with your therapist. You just talked a lot, and that was it.

However, EMDR is different. During sessions, your therapist does ask some  questions. But, the objective is for you to access the trauma-related emotions and thoughts, not simply to rehash the incident. Also, the bilateral stimulation your therapist takes you through helps your brain to unpack that trauma and to fully process it.

Obviously, these sessions can be emotionally sensitive and charged. But a seasoned trauma therapist will guide you closely to help make sure that things don’t get too intense. That’s also why your therapist will work towards establishing a working relationship with you that is built on trust.

You Want Closure

More than anything else, you probably want closure from the trauma that you experienced. And therapy is essential for closing that door.

You have seen how the burden of trauma has impacted your life—the relationships that have been damaged and the lost opportunities. Even in situations where you are functional, you weren’t able to hold down a job and have a family.

Everywhere you turn, the trauma still lingers in the background. It can’t be “fixed” on its own. Rather, you need professional help from a therapist who understands trauma and can provide meaningful relief.

Do any of these situations mentioned above sound familiar to you? If so, then working with an EMDR therapist might be the answer you’re looking for. Therapy is essential for healing the wounds associated with trauma. By participating in EMDR therapy, you will be able to finally close the door to a painful chapter of your past.

Please, feel free to contact me. I would love to help.