A life coach is not someone who diagnoses or offers clinical treatment like a therapist. However, this does not prevent them from supporting clients in a very broad range of ways. For example, you may feel stuck in an idea like relationships, careers, finances, or health. Life coaching is an ideal approach for helping you break counterproductive habits and find a new purpose.

Working with a life coach has been shown to increase self-awareness, enhance motivation, help with setting goals, and build confidence. For those of you who are curious about life coaching, let’s go through just some of the issues it can assist with.

4 Issues That Can Be Addressed Via Life Coaching

1. Low Self-Esteem

Regardless of your skill set, you can lack confidence and even feel like an imposter. A good life coach understands this and makes no judgment. Rather, their goal is to guide you to a place of greater confidence. This is the foundation for anyone with goals and dreams they want to reach.

2. Feeling Stuck and Seeking Purpose

As mentioned above, this general mindset can impact more than one aspect of your life. As this feeling of stuck-ness builds, you lose confidence (see above) that you can find your life’s purpose. Life coaches are ideally positioned to help you navigate this cycle. They can help guide you to:

  • Recognize that this feeling is temporary
  • Recognize that this feeling can and will change
  • See that you are worthy of a rich, fulfilling life
  • Identify what you’ve outgrown over the years
  • Embrace change as the path toward joy
  • Identify and name your desires, goals, and passions
  • Sketch out a clear plan that moves you closer to your dream life

photo of two men in business suits talking at a table3. Setting and Achieving Goals

As you do the work described in the above two sections, you will find yourself better able to discover ways to make positive change happen. Working side by side with your life coach will most often involve the setting of both small and large goals. Life coaches are a wellspring of useful strategies for doing this in a way that’s overwhelming, but remains productive.

Your goals — both long-term and short-term — give you a powerful feeling of purpose. You wake each day like a person on a mission. At night, you head to bed knowing you did your best and stayed true to your values and vision.

4. Setting and Enforcing Boundaries

Of course, any process will have potential obstacles. A common issue is when other people in your life behave in a way that impedes your progress. This is precisely where setting and enforcing boundaries becomes crucial. At first, it may seem odd to not feel available to others, but balance is what you seek. You can be a valued friend while keeping your own needs as a high priority. Without boundaries, you may unintentionally sabotage your efforts.

Life coaching will help you:

  • Appreciate the importance of this balance
  • Alleviate guilt for wanting to have a happy, enriching life
  • Protect your energy and needs
  • Enforce boundaries once they’ve been set
  • Understand that boundaries are necessary to have healthy relationships

What If You’re Still Not Sure?

That’s not uncommon. It can be tricky to decide if life coaching is the right service for you. After all, there are so many paths available. Maybe, you wonder, what I really need is a personal trainer, a financial advisor, or a therapist. This is understandable and important. To help you negotiate your options, I suggest you reach out to talk about life coaching.

You and I can connect for a free and confidential consultation. During that time, we’ll work through your needs and get you moving in the best possible direction.