Tough Time? Online Therapy Can Help You Feel Better

Do questions about the future constantly fill your mind? Your brain runs through frightening “what if” scenarios that make you so stressed out you can’t focus or think clearly? Are fear and doubt constantly humming in the background of your life making it difficult to sleep or function normally?

Perhaps you crave the company of others. But Covid-19 or a personal crisis traps you in the house and now you are starting to feel a little stir-crazyonline therapyThe continual hum of background anxiety is distracting. Or you may be confined to spending long periods of time in close contact with your spouse, and the stress this generates is starting to create conflicts. And if you are a professional working from home, perhaps your routine is falling apart because you have trouble tracking the days or feeling unmotivated without the reward of a weekend.

If you are in a situation that you can’t change, especially one which limits your actions and choices, the wait to return to normal life can seem like an eternity. The days run into one another, everyone becomes impatient or irritable, and the future grows uncertain.

Some people feel their energy fade and may feel physically drained. Others withdraw emotionally, or get worked up over trivial matters. Tensions can also run high between family members and roommates, especially in high-stress areas like San Francisco where people are used to being on-the-go!

Fortunately, online therapy is a great way to reach out for help dealing with these stressors and challenges without having to travel or even leave your home. Using the technology you already have at hand, I can help you feel more calm, stable, and capable so you can resume your routine and get things done again.

Change Affects Everyone Differently

Anytime a person faces a crisis or drastic life transition, it can create an overwhelming amount of doubt and uncertainty. This triggers problems in relationships or fears of the future. Sometimes that stress can also unearth buried thoughts, emotions, or unresolved mental health concerns.

At this moment, the COVID-19 coronavirus is changing the very way that people live their lives. Many are struggling with finances, having been forced out of a job. Or, struggle coping with stress that they may not even be aware of. And for those who are relegated to working from home, learning how to navigate relationships and conflict in close quarters can be tricky, especially when dealing with underlying anxiety, depression, trauma, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We all have release valves—ways in which we relieve pressure. Sometimes, it’s working, going out with friends, or just finding time to be alone, which can be a healthy type of avoidance in the short-term. However, when circumstances disrupt a person’s routine for a long time, whether through job loss, a physical injury, or other long-term crisis, adjusting to a new life can be difficult.

Additionally, many people have never resolved their issues, but rather simply have pushed them aside. So when the usual distractions are no longer available, the emotional pain that’s been ignored has the opportunity to grow.

Fortunately, online counseling can provide you with the same level of quality care and compassion as traditional in-person sessions. If you are in a position where you can’t make it into my office, just being able to reach out and talk to a Bay Area therapist online can provide an immediate sense of relief and hope.

Online Therapy Meets You Where You Are

One of the biggest benefits of teletherapy is how convenient it is for most people. You don’t have to worry about driving to therapy, which in the Bay Area can be an hours-long commitment. Nor is it necessary to leave the home, find care for your child, or compromise your schedule. All of that translates into lower stress levels and a smaller time commitment from you.

I appreciate a person’s desire for self-growth and self-help. But sometimes we overestimate just how much we can accomplish on our own. Working with an online therapist helps you take an honest look at your thoughts and feelings as well as some of the mental blind spots that may be keeping you stuck.

Here’s What Online Therapy Looks Like

Whether we meet for online therapy or in-person therapy, I always start with an assessment and initial consultation. That way we can see what we are dealing with and set some realistic goals that you can work toward. In subsequent sessions, we’ll spend the first few minutes talking about how you are doing. We’ll check in about what your week has been like, and how you have been coping with any symptoms you’re experiencing. Then, we’ll set a focus for the rest of the session. That could be working on learning new skills for regulating your nervous system, addressing relationship issues, or finding solutions for overcoming personal challenges. I’ll spend the last few minutes of each session gathering feedback. I’ll ask you about what resonated with you, what can be done better, and what requests you may have for our next session.

Many of the people I see in therapy struggle in two ways. Either their nervous system is in overdrive from anxiety or PTSD, or they have become withdrawn due to depression. Therefore, our first goal in therapy is to calm the nervous system. This often involves learning mindfulness skills and other emotional self-regulation techniques. Secondly, we want to resolve the true source of anxiety. This will help you transform yourself into who you want to be. And our final goal is to find solutions to problems and make practical changes that can improve your relationships and overall well-being.

I’ve been offering people support for overcoming anxiety, depression, and trauma/PTSD since 2001, and I know that change is possible. Right now may be a difficult time in your life. But there is a way to feel more comfortable, peaceful, and confident. With my support, teletherapy can help you find a level of peace and safety in your life. It might even be of a kind that you may have never experienced before—and all from the sanctity of your home.

Perhaps you are considering online therapy but still have some concerns…

Are online meetings as effective as in-person sessions?

Therapy success depends largely on how much of yourself you are willing to put into the process. That’s true of traditional therapy too. Some people may prefer or benefit more from the human element that comes with traditional therapy. But most clients find that online counseling sessions are just as effective. And given the convenience, it’s a great way to save time and stay on top of your mental health. It’s especially true when traditional therapy isn’t feasible.

Is online therapy confidential and how does it work?

Whether you are seeing me in-person or online, all of our sessions are completely confidential. And counseling only requires a laptop, PC, or phone that is video-capable. You will benefit from a strong internet connection and a quiet, private space where you feel comfortable talking openly. That could be in a side office, a spare room, or even on your phone while parked in your car. The only thing you have to do is distance yourself from distractions or people who could overhear you. And because you don’t have to physically come into an office, you can enjoy an added layer of privacy.

Will insurance cover your therapy services?

I can provide you with completed insurance paperwork that you can submit to your provider for reimbursement. However, coverage is completely up to the provider, so be sure to check with them first. Many of my clients regularly use their flex spending and health savings accounts to cover out-of-pocket costs. The important thing is to look at this opportunity as an investment in your relationships, your future, and your personal health. Why not use the time you have now to heal old wounds and prepare for a new future?

You Don’t Have To Travel Far For Professional Help

If you are interested in teletherapy or have any questions about how it can facilitate the healing process, I invite you to take a look at My Practice page for more information. Once you feel we are a good fit and you want to get started on the path toward healing and growth, please schedule your 90-minute intake session.


If you’re ready to commit to a better life, but something specific is holding you back, perhaps we can meet momentarily for a no-cost, 15-minute consultation. This phone call doesn’t serve as a general Q&A session; rather, I want to make sure that we are tending to one specific thing holding you back from working together. So it’s important to review and make sure you meet all the criteria, before scheduling a call.

 Review Criteria For A 15-minute Phone Consultation