A Unique Anger Management Solution.

So, What’s So Different About These Anger Management Groups?

skills based therapy groups are specifically designed for self referred men and women. Most other anger groups available are designed for for those who are mandated by the criminal justice system
  • Our groups are facilitated by a licensed therapist who has spent the last 16 years specializing in this area of practice.  I’ve helped well over 3000 women and men fix this problem. Most other groups are not led by licensed psychology professionals and they are not led by specialists.
  • The women and men are motivated, loving people. That is very different from other “anger management groups” .
  • An in person intake assessment interview is required. Our groups are screened. This affords you a therapeutic environment that is healthy and supportive. Clients who are not appropriate matches are not accepted into the group. Most anger management groups operate on “the traffic school model” which means anyone who is referred or mandated by the court can attend. The effectiveness of any group program is impacted by factors like group cohesion and the motivation and skill level of it’s members. I make every effort to put together groups that are likely to function well.
  • Comfortable private practice setting…designed for professional women and men
  • Each group has 6-8 members. This is a small group setting. You have the opportunity to get lots of individual help and attention in the group.
  • Clients are motivated to grow, heal and change. The people in our groups care deeply about their loved ones.  You would be in the company of women and men who aspire to be good role models and worry about living up to their own values. Being a good mother of father, brother or sister, parent or child matters deeply to them.  Because no one is forcing them to attend, and the groups are screened, you can be assured that most of the group members are working on change as much as you are, if not more so. The groups are ongoing and the initial commitment is for a minimum of 14 weeks.
  • In order to permanently “break the anger habit”, you must know what lies at the roots of your anger, and heal those roots.  These skill based therapy groups are designed to get your anger under control so that you can heal the roots. Most anger management groups completely skip this vital work.
  • Our group members have anger that is causing them problems in their most important relationships. Our groups are not designed as “batterer intervention. Most other groups are domestic violence treatment programs that are designed for court ordered chronic batterers. They also tend to have a large number of what we call “dual diagnosis” clients.  Dual diagnosis means that they are clients who are actively struggling with substance addiction and mental disorders that severely add to their difficulty in managing anger and agression.
  • These groups are structured skills building therapy groups. I provide a lot of “information”  (i.e. articles, handouts, etc.)  These groups are designed for active learners/ participants. and you are given opportunities to practice essential skills. As a member, you have the advantage of learning from each other.  The standard  “anger management class”  is for passive learners.

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Looking forward to speaking with you!
Michael G. Quirke, M.A.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
CA License#39030