It doesn’t have to. Anger Management Therapy Can Teach You The Skills You Need.

If you are like many of my clients, you are a good person.

Michael G. Quirke, M.F.T. Anger Management Therapy

Michael G. Quirke, M.F.T.

You care about your loved ones.

You contribute to society in meaningful ways.

You want the best for others and yourself.

The problem is your anger is causing problems in your life.  Your anger is not just hurting your relationships –It’s hurting you.  Intense or explosive anger damages your relationships with your partner, your friendships, your kids and your work colleagues. You might be finding that people reject you or shy away because they fear your anger… or they’re simply fed up with it.

Chronic anger not only hurts you, your relationships and your emotionally life, it also affects your physical health. Ongoing anger wears on your cardiovascular, your immune system and can lead to serious health problems. You feel embarrassment and shame. You’re upset with yourself because you can’t seem to stop it. At times you feel isolated and alone.

Your anger can make your life miserable.

You’ve told yourself umpteen times that it has to stop…but then you find yourself flying off the handle yet again. You’ve come to the right place, because through anger management therapy…

Anger Can Be Healed

Imagine Your Life After Healing Your Anger…

  • You’ll have healthier and stronger relationships.
  • You’ll be able to disagree with someone without flying into a rage and blaming others.
  • You’ll be able to feel and express healthy anger.
  • You’ll feel more confident and secure that you can handle difficult situations in an appropriate manner.
  • You’ll be calmer and feel more at peace with yourself and your life.
  • You will act in accordance with your highest values

Have Your Fears Prevented You from Seeking Help?

  • You are afraid of being labeled as a “bad” person.
  • You don’t want to be associated with people who you think are violent or abusive.
  • You believed this is just the way you are. You can’t stop your angry outbursts so why bother trying?

It’s time to overcome any of the above concerns you have and get on the road to healing.

Well, you are not a bad person. You are simply someone who has a problem that is hurting you and others…and you need to heal yourself in order to stop this problem.

You Are So Much More Than Your Anger

Whether it’s individual anger management therapy, couples counseling or anger management group therapy, the therapy work we do together can transform your life. You can lead a more intentional life that is aligned with who you are at your core. You can be a force for good. You can experience more kindness, compassion and good will for yourself and others.  You CAN be the mom…the dad…the partner you aspire to be.

The “Go-To” Therapist for Those Wanting to Heal Anger and Grow – Not Simply “Manage” Their Anger.

I’m considered the “go to therapist” in San Francisco for people who are committed to turning their lives around through healing their anger. I’ve been successfully doing both individual anger management therapy and anger management therapy groups for those with anger problems for over 19 years.  The work I do with my clients is so much more than what is done in your typical anger management therapy groups. In my counseling or group sessions, we go far beyond “managing” your anger. We work to heal the root cause of your anger. We’ll help you develop compassion for the pain in yourself that is at the core of your anger problem. Once you heal your pain, you will be more understanding and compassionate with others. You’ll be healthier and happier too.

Beyond Anger Management Classes…Anger Management Therapy



Specialized Counseling That Provides So Much More Than “Anger Management”

I use some of the best therapeutic techniques available today including the latest brain science counseling methods  that are proven to heal past pain and trauma that is at the root of destructive anger. For 19 years, I’ve helped women and men heal the root cause of their anger and be happier and more at peace with themselves than they ever could have imagined.

You can count on my track record.

Ready To Heal Your Anger?

If you resonate with the 4 points below, you’re likely a strong candidate for entering counseling with me:

  1. You want calmness and balance. Emotional well being is important to you, and so are healthy relationships. Just as other good people have healed their anger, you can too. In that spirit, you welcome learning, personal growth and change and want to be the best version of you that you can be.
  2. You want gentle, effective guidance and support…and you welcome it. You want to collaborate with and receive help from a seasoned and compassionate counselor.  And you can’t control this anger yet. You’ve tried too many times to get your anger under control. You just haven’t known how…and you can.
  3. You value learning, skills building and self growth. You recognize that it’s time for something beyond only managing a crisis; it’s about growth, healing and cultivating emotional balance. To go beyond just “managing” your anger, you’ll need to work to grow past how your past has shaped you. You have insight into the roots of your anger…and curiosity about yourself and others. Whatever the underlying issues for your anger, you want to heal them. You realize that “tucking things away” never really works and so you value the process and the goal of therapy, even if it can be a little uncomfortable.
  4. You are willing to invest time and money in yourself…as well as your loved ones. Stopping your “anger habit” will take commitment. You want to develop, grow and transform yourself into someone who is aligned with your own highest values. You have realistic expectations about longterm, lasting growth and healing. That means you are looking for something more than a “quick fix” or a “magic pill” or “a few tools”–you’re looking to start with managing your anger so that you can heal it’s roots.  That’s effective anger management therapy.

Anger and Healthy Relationship Skills Groups and Classes

If you want some compassionate, support and guidance in opening your heart and healing your anger,  I’d love to connect with you and see how we might work together.

Call 415-820-3943 or email me to book an appointment.





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