Are You…

  • Tired of feeling frustrated and irritated
  • “Losing it”, snapping and getting impatient
  • Worried about how anger impacts your children
  • Feeling embarrassed and guilty after an outburst
  • Stuck in an endless cycle of arguing
  • Unable to get your point across because your anger makes your partner tune out
  • Seeing anger erode the good stuff in your relationship

It could be that stress is causing you to be more short tempered than normal.

Or perhaps there are specific people that you are having trouble getting along with.

Or maybe your difficulties are a long standing problem that you can’t seem to control.

Arguments, Fights, Tension

Taking it out on other people. Saying things that are harsh. Maybe you go through periods where you try to keep your cool, but find yourself lashing out again. Maybe you are living a life that is full of too many little irritations and frustrations.

If you are like many people who lash out with anger, you might find yourself feeling guilty and ashamed, wishing you knew how to control yourself better.

Can you relate to any of the above? If so, the good news is that There is a way to manage and reduce your anger!

Imagine how good you’ll feel when you can:

  • Get what you want without hurting your relationships
  • Learn how to recognize your body’s “early warning system”
  • Know when you are at risk for losing your cool
  • Turn arguments into cooperative, productive conversations
  • Keep little things from ruining your day
  • Discover the hidden reasons why you are angry
  • Be direct and patient
  • Have coworkers who like to be around you
  • Act so that people want to be on your team
  • Turn enemies into friends and business partners
  • Talk in ways that make people more likely to listen
  • Listen to others so you can hear what they really need from you
  • Forgive and let go of resentments-for good
  • Live with a calmer body and clearer mind

Imagine what it would be like to get along smoothly with the important people in your life. Without having angry outbursts, creating tension and scaring people away.

Imagine having the ability to do and say things that would make you proud. Instead of feeling embarrassed about making the same mistakes over and over again, you.

Hi, my name is Michael Quirke. As a professional counselor, I have helped over 3000 people manage and reduce their anger. I will teach you key skills that you need to decrease irritation, frustration and learn self control.

In private sessions and group workshops, I will teach you the tools that are vital to breaking the anger habit once and for all.


Don’t You wish you Could Feel More in Control of Your Anger?

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Michael G. Quirke, MFT
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