One of the most common questions I get is “Do you recommend that I enroll in your anger management group or should we we work together individual?Bly.

Of course, the best recommendation for you will only be after we meet, and I get more details about you, your life, the type of anger that you have.


The table below will give you a good way to compare and contrast the two main formats I offer.

Anger Management Groups and Classes  Individual Anger Management Counseling
Length of Time Commitment  8-10 Month Curriculum Flexible Length
Hours per week 1.5 50 to 90 Minutes per week by arrangement
Curriculum Structured Flexible
Learn Skills To Calm Physiology Yes Yes
Learn Skills To Address the Roots of Anger Yes Definitely
Feedback And Support  Yes, from therapist and group members  Yes, from therapist
 Articles, Handouts, Readings, Exercises.  Yes, these form the basis of the curriculum  As needed
 Modality  Structured Skills Building, Mindfulness Based CBT, Homework, Education about basic brain science and autonomic nervous system. Flexible per client needs including Mindfulness Based CBT, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, E.M.D.R., Somatically Oriented Approaches.
 Focus of work  Learn skills to calm the body and find address the roots of anger Learn skills to calm the body and find address the roots of anger, heal and process traumatic memories. Address relationship issues.
Telephone or Online Counseling Not included  By arrangement.


Reflection questions to help you decide which anger management route is best for you

  • Have you been in group counseling before?  If so, what was hard about it, what was helpful about it?
  • How open are you willing to be in group?  Your willingness to be open about your struggles with anger will have a profound bearing on how quickly you reach your goal.
  • Are you a person that finds it hard to speak up in a group?
  • Are there other co factors which are affecting your anger? Some common complications are depression, anxiety, substance abuse, current high stress level.
  • Is your life calm enough so that you can work productively in a group?
  • Do you enjoy conversing with others, sharing, and giving/receiving support from others?
  • Would shame, embarrassment or social anxiety prevent you from participating fully in a group?
  • Are you able to form a healthy working relationship with others?
  • Are you ready, willing and able to skillfully address difficult thoughts and feeling that may arise?
  • Have you truly decided that you are committed to working on your anger for the long haul, or are you unsure?





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